Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance

Group Health Benefits are written on an employer group of 2 or more employees. we assist employers from 2 to 1000 employees every day. we pride ourselves in listening to the needs of the employer, especially in hard economic times. Our desire is to help you find a plan that will fit you the most desirable benefits.

We don't assume to know your needs and desires and show you only one or two plans. We spread-sheet many more plans than you're probably interested in, to increase your knowledge of the market place and pick a plan that you and your employees will be happy with.

Years of cultivated relationships with carriers play a part in our quoting. At time of enrollment, we personally visit with your employees on an individual basis or group depending on your desire to assist them in their understanding of the plan offerings.


Group life and health insurance is available to employers who wish to insure two or more employees.

Individual Medical Insurance

Let us navigate the world of individual health insurance for you by advising you according to your particular situation. We consult underwriting at the insurance companies to give you the answers so you won't get the run around. We will give you our expert advice about each plan and give you feedback from other customers and their experience with the different companies. Which plan best suits your needs

Short Term Medical - Unexpected illnesses or accidents happen every day. Don't be caught with out health insurance Enroll Today in a very affordable Short Term Medical Plan. A STM Plan ia s temporary insurance plan that will give you peace of mind. If you're between jobs, waiting for Emploter Benefits, a Temporary or Seasonal Employee or a New Graduate, a STM Plan is the answer for you.

Self Employed Health Insurance - We talk to many self employed individuals erveryday. These individuals have their own challenges when it comes to health care. Group health care is available to groups of 2 or more (in the state of GA). If you're self employed and have one other full time employee you can qualify for group benefits. But if you are your sole employee then you will need to purchase an individual plan. Individual plans are underwritten by the carrier and they vary in plans, underwriting and cost. Let us help you through the maze.

Medical Insurance for College Students

Are you no longer eligible for coverage under your parentsa€™ health plan?  Do you attend school outside an HMO or PPO region? Is your current health care coverage too expensive?

If you answered yes, to any of the above questions, you should consider specialized health insurance for college students. Our plan offers freedom to choose your own doctors and hospitals and guaranteed renewable coverage.

To qualify, you must be an undergraduate student with nine or more credits or a full-time graduate student attending an accredited college or university.

PLEASE NOTE: Summit Insurance Group is currently writing insurance in the States of GA, TN and MS.