Dental Insurance

In simplest terms, a group dental insurance plan is twice removed from the policyholder. That is, a dental insurance provider provides insurance not to an individual but to an entire group. For example, a dental insurance provider may provide dental coverage to your employer for his or her employees. In turn, the employer offers you that dental coverage.

Group dental insurance is often offered to full-time employees and sometimes to full-time students. It is not usually offered to groups, such as clubs. However, some volunteer programs to offer some forms of limited group coverage for long-term volunteers


Individual dental insurance is dental coverage sold directly from insurance providers to clients. If you don't have dental coverage from an employer, you may find that many companies do not offer individual dental plan insurance. Despite this, however, it is important that you do seek dental coverage of some kind to ensure the health of your teeth and gums.

Unfortunately, if you have to pay the full cost of dental care, you may have a hard time paying your dentist bills. Perhaps even more seriously, without dental coverage, you may be tempted to skip regular cleanings and checkups, a decision that could lead to serious dental health problems.

Group Dental Providers Individual Dental
Aetna Always Care AFLAC Always Care


Ameriplan Blue Cross/ Blue Shield
BC/BS Boston Mutual Competitor Smile Dental Confident
Companion Delta Delta Dental Fort Dearborn
GenStar Guardian PrimeStar Dental Secure Dental One
Humana Kansas City Life   Stars Dental
MetLife Principal    
Securian UHC    
United Concordia      

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